Wednesday, February 26, 2020

3 things you should know about Ash Wednesday.


Today, February 26, 2020, is an important day in the Christian calendar as Catholics everywhere observe Ash Wednesday.
However there are things you need to know about this religious holiday:
What exactly is Ash Wednesday?
It marks the first day of Lent - a 40-day period of reflection and repentance of sin. During this period, many people give up something as they fast.

A lot of people give up meat and other beloved things like their favourite foods, television and even social media.
To commemorate the day, Catholics go for morning or evening Mass where a Priest marks their foreheads with blessed ashes that come from the burnt palms used on Palm Sunday.
Ash Wednesday falls on a different day every year.
Where did it come from?
Ash Wednesday started many years in Rome when sinners would wear sackcloths and sprinkle themselves with ashes as a form of public penance.
This continued until sometime in the 10th Century, where Christians started marking Lent with ashes shaped like a cross on their foreheads.
After Ash Wednesday what's next? 
After Ash Wednesday, we have the Lenten period followed by Easter, when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ