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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Money ritual with condition that you will die if you don't spend 100 million per day. How many days do you think you can last? (Drop) Your comment

Money Rituals in most cases come with ridiculous conditions.

A boy did a money ritual  and he will be getting 100 million daily but he must spend the N100 million daily and he must not dash people physical cash.
This actually happened in a Nollywood movie, and it got me thinking how a man can manage to spend 100 million daily for several years.

How many days do you think you can last, if it's you? Drop your comment 


I don't think I can survive it within a month, because how can you bes spending 100mili daily without dashing out physical cash?

😂 I'm thinking in the same direction with u

If i will be allowed to giv oda people money, den many people around me will be very rich, give it out in mosque and church den i will live to my satisfaction before i die😂😂😂