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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What you need to know about Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) ranks and salary structure


The various NDA ranks for various positions are listed below, starting from the entry level position of a private soldier to the highest rank of the commandant. Also included is their various monthly and annual salaries excluding their allowances which depends on the position of the officer.
 Private Soldier Monthly salary: N49,000 Annual salary: N588,000
 Lance Corporal Monthly salary: N55, 000 Annual salary: N660,000 
Corporal Monthly salary: N58,000 Annual salary: N696,000 
Sergeant Monthly salary: N63,000 Annual salary: N756,000 
Staff Sergeant Monthly salary: N68,000 Annual salary: N816,000 Warrant Officer Monthly salary: N80, 000 Annual salary: N960,000 
 Master Warrant Officer Monthly salary: N90, 000 Annual salary: N1,080,000 
 Second Lieutenant Monthly salary: N120,000 Annual salary: N1,440,000 Lieutenant Monthly salary: N180,000 Annual salary: N2,160,000 
Captain Monthly salary: N220,000 Annual salary: N2,640,000 
Major Monthly salary: N300,000 Annual salary: N3,600,000 
 Lieutenant Colonel Monthly salary: N350,000 Annual salary: N4,200,000 Colonel Monthly salary: N550,000 Annual salary: N6,600,000 
 Brigadier General Monthly salary: N750,000 Annual salary: N9,000,000 Major General Monthly salary: N950,000 Annual salary: N11,400,000 Lieutenant General Monthly salary: N1,000,000 Annual salary: N12,000,000 General Monthly salary: N1,500,000 Annual salary: N18,000,000
 The NDA trains all officer corps for the various branches of the Nigerian armed forces, which include the Nigerian Navy, Army, and Air Force. The Nigerian Army makes up the largest part of the Nigerian military. Currently ranked 5th most equipped ground force in Africa, they are responsible for land warfare. 

 The Nigerian Navy began from the Nigerian Marine. They are saddled with the following responsibilities: Protection of the territorial waterways of the country against external attacks. 

The Nigerian Airforce was established in the year 1961 to support the land force in combat and also take charge of the air.
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They are currently one of the best air forces in Africa today. Furthermore, the NDA was recently ranked as one of the best military academies in West Africa to attend. It is no surprise that gaining admission into this college is competitive and difficult. Please note that NDA B.SC salary is about N150, 000. That is the basic minus other allowances when you join as a graduate with The number of cadets’ taken in yearly at the NDA is normally 175 for the regular course i.e 155 males and 20 females. The official recruitment portal also reserves vacancies for cadets from other neighboring West African countries.

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