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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

You get home from work and meet your babe at home like this. What will be your reaction?

Hi Guys!!
 you just got back home from a hell stressful day work hoping to crash land on the bed and take some rest before eating and possibly taking a shower.
On getting home you met your  babe all stained in blood with your bed-sheet also stained, what will be your reaction?
You all should be sincere with your comments. 


I can rest on d floor or chair na, if herself discover it u go fear shame o

My brother. On a serious note.. I will be disappointed seeing her like this. But I will still maintain my cool

Hell stressful day huh

For me i'd tap her ass wake her up.

Change the sheets we go clean ourselves in the shower..

But won't forget to tease her bout not padding her self well..

No one is above mistakes you know these things happens

That's cool. Help us fix ur name, so we can identify u whenever u comment. Thanks

Wake her up to go clean herself.. Then I change d bed spread.. Life goes on

Put her right and clean_up the trash.

Changing the bedsheet is the only option😋😋

I would tap her softly and tell her to change up while i change the bed spread...