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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ladies, errors you should avoid when dressing for an occasion. No common.

1. Poorly done make-up: There is a reason it is called makeup, it is to give you that sweet looks and add to your beauty. Not the makeup that will make you uglier than you used to be. Avoid using them if you don't know how to use it. 

2. Having visible panty lines: For a grown woman, visible panty lines should be a no no no. Get seamless and nude underwears for body-con dresses, skirts, ETC. 

3. Stop wearing uncomfortable heels: Heels are beautiful and fashionable when you can move in them freely.  In order to safe yourself the embarrassment of working like a baby learning how to walk, there are kitten heels, stick to them. 
4. Baring too much skin at once: The formular to this; if the lower bit is showing, leave the upper bit to the imagination of men and vise versa. 

5. Putting on multiple accessories: The aim of accessories is to compliment your beauty, so it should not be overdone hence you will end up looking like a shrine. 

This and many more are those dressing fouls you should avoid when dressing for an occasion.