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Monday, May 25, 2020

Who do you think among these Naija artists is the more Proud or Rude?

The assessment today is not about who's better but who's rude or proud and on this particular topic, a twitter user has identified for major artists. 

Taking a look at the artists shown above you will come to term with me that the combination was not by sentiment. 

Though M.I should not have made the list, unless we are talking about his boastful attitude in his music. He is an artist that use every available opportunity to brag in his music. Even when his was vehemently attacked by Vector during their beef, he responded in a cool manner. 

Brymo who just released his project, "Yellow" is also on the list. You will only agree with this when you're following him on his social media pages. He's a singer with a good song writing skills but instead of him to be calm and enjoy the praises from his fans and people that respect his craft, he is on his social media pages declaring himself as the best song writer. 

But what do you think, among the aforementioned artists, who's the most proud or rude?